No Sellouts: How Fans Become Customers When An Artist Keeps Control

Another great example is Ford, which presented the norteño band La Maquinaria Norteña by telling the story of their families' long relationship with Ford vehicles. Both partnerships worked because the brands made sure their partners were sharing and magnifying authentic aspects of their identities, rather than insisting that the musicians parrot company jargon in exchange for a big check.

For brands, the key to being a good partner is to fulfill a need. Brands can support new musicians in their challenge to be heard. For more established musicians, brands can create experiences that give fans better access to the bands they love. The goal isn't to own the conversation between the musician and their fans; the goal is to facilitate and amplify that conversation. This approach makes brands an ally helping to promote great music, and a welcome voice that fans will remember after the music fades.

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