All Things Apple Music: Top 10 Stories

Without question, the biggest news in music last week was the announcement of Apple Music, the latest in a string of streaming platforms vying for the top spot in music lovers’ hearts (and wallets). With the slew of news stories and op-eds covering the announcement, it’s tough to keep up with everything that’s being said about the new service. To make things easier, we’ve rounded up ten stories from around the web that will fully prepare you to discuss the subject in any situation - from quick chats around the water cooler, to heated debates at happy hour. Read on, and enjoy!

  1. Apple Music storms into battle for streaming tunes fans  |  USA Today
  2. Can Apple save the music industry from the destructive greed of record labels?  |  PandoDaily
  3. Apple Music  |  The Lefsetz Letter
  4. Everything Marketers Need to Know About Apple Music and New Mobile Software  |  AdWeek
  5. Apple to Brands: Step Up Your Game  |  VentureBeat
  6. Apple Music Betrays Apple's Brilliance by Ignoring the Harry Potter Theory of Marketing  |  Forbes
  7. Here’s What Happens to Your $10 After You Pay for a Month of Apple Music  |  re/code
  8. Spotify, Rdio, & Pandora offer mixed reactions to Apple Music announcement  |  9to5Mac
  9. Spotify Fights Back: $526M Funding Secured to Battle Apple Music  |  Music Business Worldwide
  10. Apple Music faces antitrust investigation in New York, Connecticut  |  ComputerWorld

If there are other great articles about Apple Music that didn't make it on our list, we’d love for you to share your links and your thoughts in the comments below.